Monday, September 22, 2008

Getting Old

a little reality check for me . Last Saturday was Homecoming for Adam,simple enough right I have been thru 2 so far and nothing phases me. Something different this time, no it wasnt the girl, Adam and Karli went together , but looking at pics I took I realized my son wasn't my (son) any more . He was a young man.. as you will see in the pics to follow soon.It's not getting old that's an issue, actually there's not an issue at all . I just feel like any other parent ( I think) when they realize their first born is grown up and is soon going to fly the coop, break out of jail, flee , or whatever he wants to call it. Just sad , that's the only emotion word I can stir up , sad. Not depressed or alone or anything deep really . I just had a momemt of saddness. Now the other two are driving us crazy so that moment has long passed. But that is all for now the pictures ill be up soon for you to see my little man ( may he never see I wrote that ) tee hee.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

No Time

Why is it you seem to have time and find nothing to do yet the moment you don't have time somehow there is too much to do?? Someone please explain this to me.I'm just going to babble for a moment to vent bout work, life and stuff. Work was bad last night for reasons explained above. I am sure we all have had that kind of day weather it's at home or work or at the grocery store for that matter. I am okay with it most of the time just lately ( maybe it's the weather) but I am feeling edgy and feel like i'm running out of time all the time. I have plenty of time when I sit and think about it but in those moments that I have time( and by time I really mean peace and quiet) I tend to just sit in the quiet. Then theres this overwhelming rush to get things done before I run out of time,to do what I don't know. Whatever, like I said I was just venting although right now I am talking to myself because no one knows I am here lol.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away

Come again never is what I say. Good afternoon , This is day oe of this blog. I have been reading others and it finally occured to me to make one of my own. I am currently a user of myspace but I realize (as my teenage son points out) it is sooo yesterday. I don't care I will do both now. But to keep people who arent on myspace to keep in touch with me I will be here also. So there it is in a nutshell. This is only day one and I will be filling in the blanks as well as adding pics for you to see.