Friday, January 23, 2009

Getting Caught up

Ok so here we are finnaly getting some realistic weather back... It's been way too cold for me or any other human for that matter. So here's the latest in the Bennecke home. Kids finally back to school after a five day crazy no school week. Cabin fever is an understatement for what we were experiencing here. Thank goodness my work is close enough that it didn't stop me from going.. ha ha Everyone else is doing good healthy, and have I mentioned BACK TO SCHOOL !!!!! The swearing in is also over so we can finally turn the tv on and not see that on every channel. Don't get me wrong I know its a big deal and all but really , did it have to be on EVERY channel, three times a day for what seemed like an eternity? Other than that its the same ol here and we are all just waiting for the spring thaw so I may finally remove the outside xmas decor that has seemed to freeze itself in the yard and on the roof. Yes that is right , while my smarter than I neighbors were removing theirs, I thought how silly they were because it was a little cold outside. Now who looks silly while valentines day decor adorns their doors and windows and across the street is the house that looks lost in time with reindeer, the drummer man, lights and the poor plastic ornaments hanging from the tree in the front yard. Well I guess I have rambled enough to catch you up on the latest here. Some pictures are here for you to see of the kids once it was warm enough to snow yet again and they could go out ond enjoy it.

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